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You are here to learn about news having to do with glutathione. I am writing this to give you news about glutathione from a different perspective than any other site. 

To start this I went to a source of search engines so that I can see what you would see if you did this much work. Here is the source I used for alternative search engines. They are titled “14 Great Search Engines You Can Use Instead of Google”  https://www.searchenginejournal.com/alternative-search-engines/  – This informative site lists Bing first, then DuckDuckGo, followed by search engines with tighter targets. Here are the first pages from the top 3 search engines for the term “glutathione”:

Google – The top are webmd.com and healthline.com – along with a picture of NOW glutathione, a synthetic made by Setra that is not as effective as OGF. 

Bing – Has the same Webmd.com but here is Wikipedia. Note the right side has a picture of a molecule, not a brand. 

DuckDuckGo – Another win for WebMD.com and Wikipedia and no picture – same as Bing. But a third site, DrAxe.com, is listed. 

So what can we learn from this? Let’s look at the results.


Why? Below are 4 web sites where you can read about how important glutathione is. You need to note that each site has different information presented in different ways by authors who did not research the topic thoroughly. I say that because none of them discuss the Original Glutathione Formula created by Dr. Keller in 2007. These pages were written after that. 





This web site says “The wealthformyhealth.com team is composed of doctors and few students in their final year of medicine who have decided to popularize and share their knowledge.”