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Why is OGF (Original Glutathione Formula) most effective?

First, you need to know that I am not connected with any glutathione source. I was affiliated with but have severed that connection effective May 23, 2019. I took that action because of undue pressure on the founders of that site by another supplier of glutathione. 

This site is for you so you can get the best product for your own body. I have done a lot of research into the many sources and I want you to benefit from my work. 

No other glutathione products except the original glutathione formula offer you the advantage of their ability to enter your body’s cells and renew their production levels to the way they were when you were young.

Why? because the products you see from other suppliers are pure glutathione –
either the old fashioned way to take it that gets destroyed by your digestive system –
or in the modern liposomal formulation that gets through your digestive system.